Innovation: Driving positive change to take advantage of opportunities

Commitment: Doing what's right for our customers, our people, our animals, and the planet

Teamwork: Creating a better result together by combining experience and knowledge

Tenacity: Holding fast to our legacy of care and respect

Integrity: Operating from strong moral character

Transparency: Always being open and honest

Wholestone Farms is a family of more than 200 farmers producing pork products in the upper Midwest.

Wholestone Farms is a hog processing facility in Fremont, NE. We were established in 2017 by over 200 producers to create and capture value in the pork supply chain. Our 200 family farmers, all live right here in the Midwest and have a legacy of family farming raising collectively 12MM pigs per year. While our name is new to the area our facility is not, we have been here for the past 73 years as a hog processing facility and continue the growth for the Fremont area. We are excited about the growth happening at our plant today. Wholestone Farms currently boasts 700,000 sq feet.  We currently are one of the largest processing facilities in the area with production boasting over 10,600 hogs per day.

Taking care of our plant professionals is a culture that we instill in all employees here at Wholestone Farms. Being a part of the Wholestone Farms family, you are a part of a growing company that doesn’t have to worry about the politics of a large corporation. Our owners live right here in the Midwest!

Independent Farmers

Acres of Cropland

Pigs Raised Responsibly

Responsible Food Starts
with Responsible Farms

We set high standards for animal care at Wholestone Farms, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because a

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We believe in recycling, even when it comes to manure. We use our manure as fertilizer, which in turn helps grow our crops.

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