Growing the Legacy of Farmers
from Generation to Generation

Proudly Owned by Independent Farmers

Committed to Providing Safe and Nutritious Pork

WholeStone Farms is a family of more than 200 independent farmers raising pigs in the upper Midwest.

WholeStone Farms was established in 2017 to create and capture value in the pork supply chain. WholeStone Farms is owned by our 220 members who are independent producers and farmers raising livestock and crops in the upper Midwest. We collectively farm nearly 400,000 acres of cropland, raise 12 million pigs a year, and share a vision to continue the legacy of family farming. With over 1,000 family members involved and 25% on their fourth generation, we are proud of what we do, the food we produce and we are deeply committed to sustainable agriculture and the rural communities we live in.

Independent Farmers

Acres of Cropland

Pigs Raised Responsibly

Responsible Food Starts
with Responsible Farms

We set high standards for animal care at WholeStone Farms, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because a responsible and safe food source starts with a healthy animal.

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We believe in recycling, even when it comes to manure. We use our manure as fertilizer, which in turn helps grow our crops.

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Our Employees and Communities

Father and daughter grilling brats and chopsOur dedication to doing what’s right extends to our employees and our communities. We are committed to supporting our communities where our employees work and play.